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Made for GMTK Jam, and Two-Minute Horror Jam


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i was drinking hot cocoa then got jumpscared... :c

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I drew some Fan Art bc why not. sorry if the colors are off it is my first time drawing fan art

so i will play this ...

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i'm sorry for disturbing everyone but i have a few questions:

1. is the i don't like plA4ing your way ending the easter egg ending?

2.Is the ball in the game where you try to get it into a cup a gumball?

3. how do u get the alternate and escape ending?

4. How many Ayumis do u have to find in the hide and seek game to win?

5. and how many red eyes in the hide and seek game do u find before u lose?

That's it. P.S. I got the true ending.

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my sister helped me get through the door in this game(my sister is NintendoGamesQueen)

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Deleted 4 days ago

I think I broke the game  the gumball(?) and the cup both disappeared 


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I am too lazy to go through all the endings and find all the diary entries and etc 

can someone put the link for the diary entries and all the other stuff on here?

TY! <3 

I got the code ending to the door and she missed her dad

hi, would it be ok if i made a powerpoint to guide people on the lore and how to get endings? or would u like me to just do the lore? or none at all? it will prob be published on tiktok if let me produce it and wanna see it. thanks :)

By all means go for it! Infact, it'd be great if you left a link here so people could see it :)

thank you so much!! im still working on it though haha, ill let you know when it's done! i promise ill try my best not to disappoint X)

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Deleted 2 days ago


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Endings i got So far:

"Good" ending

Escape ending

True ending (Aww, how cute!)

bruh this is literal the exact original.

P.S. What does 'prototype' mean?

bruh how do you not know

Prototype means its the incomplete version of the game or something like that..yeah

It's cute and scary! But how many endings are there? If Some ending are still being added how many will there be?


The game was good didn't realize that there were more endings until I read the comment section. Might have to check the rest of them out some other time. Anyways great game I had fun and keep up the great work!!!

Thanks for making the game!

This game looks cute but at the same time scary! I feel positive about children playing this game... I don't know how they would react like... Children am serious you should not play this game! ( wanted to add this image by the way... ) lol

how to win the hide and seek game? >:(

Don't find the good ending...

Scary and cute :D



how do u find ayumi without her jumpscaring u i triend 10000 times


does anyone know any other endings and how to get them?

This games its scary but a the same time cute and fun! :DD

I've been coming back to the game for a while, and your still updating! Keep up the good work.

fun game, i didn't get all the endings because i don't know how many they are but overall i loved the game, looking forward for the full release, i also made a video if anyone is interested :D

I think I will cancel my next playdate. Very creepy game. I can't wait to see the finished product. 

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what hide and seek?

wait until the cup is under her head and dont do anything

its so hard she alway kills me and why is there so many eyes

How many Ayumis do I have to find? How many red eyes until I die? Does Ayumi's schedule affect me getting the ending?

How many Ayumis do you have to find?:probably unlimited How many red eyes until I die?:i will edit the comment when i know Does Ayumi's schedule affect me getting the ending?:no

good game. made an entire link sound when she jumped me tho

Im not playing with you

ikr lol



if you translate it it says somtin.

i got the true ending, do 44132 on the hearts her words were; im free.. im finally free.. i dont know who u are.. but thank u. im coming daddy

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Deleted 59 days ago
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hit the ball on the cup and then this happens

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holy mother of god.....

Deleted 112 days ago

I got the same to


Great Game! I Loved Playing it!

video unavailable lol

yea my channel got hacked and deleted last month


Oki so..DIS GAME MY GOD. Ayumi looks like yuri's sista-

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Found a secret message! So when she tells you to move closer to her during simon says, click the flower in the center, it should turn from blue to yellow. 

Move over to the arrows to allow her to start moving again, after that once the game is over you should see a code in the bottom right hand side of the screen. 

If you click on it, the code will cover the screen. Copy and paste the code into a decoder (I used Base64) and you get this message:

 "Hello? Can you hear me? This is Daddy. They found me. They brought me back to HQ. They're going to kill me Ayumi. After all I've done to keep them away from you, it's only a matter of time. You must not trust anybody, do you understand? These people will do whatever it takes to trick you into believing what they want. You must fight for us both now.. You must stay strong. If anything goes wrong, remember the code Ayumi. Use it as a last resort. I love you so much.."

Thanks! :)


in that post click the hearts when ayumi says try to escap


I got the true ending its not tat hard acctually just so there is four hearts so it goes like a line like the first won is 1 and then 2 and then 3 and then 4  so the way is pres the 4 th heart 2 times and then the 1st 1 time and then the 3rd 1 time and then the 2nd 1 time thats how you het the key to open door put the key close to door it will open and then click the open door and make changes to ayUMI ok so thats how you gat the true endin

the true ending is adorable even tho i nearly peed my self in the good ending

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