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how to get true end please tell and i will sub

when trying to escape, click 44132


I just have a question. What would happen if you press the esc button on your keyboard when she says try to escape?

Also, good ending?

Didn't feel the good part in that.

Ayumi come to life and kill me now

Nothing, sorry


Out of interest, is the "I don't like plA4ing your way" secret the easter egg ending?

Yes it is! thanks for playing!


I actually managed to get all the endings then! Spent literal hours trying to figure out the true ending :')


For people who want to figure out how to get the True Ending themselves I don't recommend watching, but for everyone else gameplay starts at 17:15 :)

Wow, amazing playthrough! Glad to see someone found the true ending! (as far as I know, you're the first!) It always inspires me to see how much people enjoy diving into this series, and it always makes me think Ayumi could potentially become more than what she is currently. Thank you so much for putting so much dedication into this playthrough, I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I enjoyed watching you play it. You definitely earned a subscriber!

Thanks for playing!

P.S, Your Ayumi voice is 10/10, very adorable!

You blew all my expectations right out of the water with this game! I was so excited when I got to the part with the video on the television since I knew I was so close! I'd be really interested to see more from Ayumi in the future, or other games like this one which take a bit more digging to find the rewards :) Thank you for making such an interesting game!

yes, it has something to do with it, the ending’s called “true ending”

Wow I just found the alternative ending and boy was that hard at first. Listening to her footsteps is kinda difficult when you have the game volume low. Still got spooked from the confetti haha... That ending was not expected but at least interesting. Would like some more lore if possible :)

how'd you get it?

When the cup is over her head, try and do nothing :)

that want good ending  

that was bad srry to break ur fellings that ws for lore

I am very determined for the true ending! Just recently I got the good ending.

I will do a walkthrowh when i find every secret and ending

OMg i liiterly put the ball in the second cup somehow

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Game is very straight foward an  hidden gem beacause it is very intresting also I thought the game was very bold when it comes to creative and something new it brings dokidoki + sonic Exe beacause you whould never expect this to be a horror game but it is very interesting great job. Now to errors the game lags from time to time  the gameplay is not that  easy to handle it can have a little more scare to the jump scares like idk a knife or a diffrent jumpscare per ending beacause we dont get a multi perspective view or pov beacause were only seeing threw ayumis eyes and not ours i fdont get how  am i supposed to find lore beacause  there isnt alot to find. So i will give a 8/10 Thank you for Bringing me A great game! Pls contact me at if u want me to take down this review if its to rude or DIsrespectfull in any way Thank you 


i found secret end took me a long time but i got it

it deals with the cups and the secret home


Im the First person to find this but i put the ball under the cup and got a cool secret that says I dont like pla4ing your way With binary code i tryed to translate but its just jibberish also to get another ending do the first cup game dont ove on second cup  game Also  8/10 on game the reason why is because i dont see the scary aspect but is a fun mini game to play when im bored.


Good stuff! if you have any suggestions to make the mini game feel better, feel free to let me know. And as for the binary, it does have some clues to the lore. Though I think the binary and base64 will be removed soon as they just make things more complicated. Thanks for playing!

also if u want to make this game 10 x better put  a little easter egg in the flower and also my last name is flowers lol

I really enjoyed the game for the 2 min also i need help with the secret room how do i play it

Fellow anime fan yes sir


This has a lot of depth. I'm still trying to get true end, it's tantalizingly close!

I've yet to see anyone reach it yet! I'm planning on adding more clues to reach it real soon, and make reaching it more rewarding, as currently I find it interesting, but kind of lackluster. Good luck!


Wow this is a great game! I'm glad it's getting support and is still being updated.


Glad you like it! I love working on this game, and it seems people are enjoying it :)

I did 2 endings  it's good ending and escape ending.Is there more?


There are currently 4, and one easter egg ending. They should be easier to find next update, thanks for playing!


daaaaamn this spooked me. i really hate jumpscares but i'm trying to overcome it! i think i got 3 different endings...? is there more ?? :0

There's technically no jump scares if you beat her games :) And there are 4 endings and 1 easter egg ending. Which the easter egg and last ending are pretty hard to find, good luck!


loved the game! ayumi is adorable <3

does this mean I won?

How did you get that?

Welp. Here's my experience with Ayumi 


SHE SAID GIVE A SMILE and I couldn't stop laughing because I just know shes a horror. AND THE BACKGROUND -u-. It was a very fun game but I was so scared at the escape part I had to swap windows and I knew my brain was right :b

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So, I love the game! It gives me great Doki Doki Lit Club vibes, even to the character! (As sneaky as Monika, as straight forward  as Yuri.) The flashes are so cool too! I have a couple of questions for the developer though. This'll help me with the game. 1: Is it possible to do the sections without the event triggers? (Ex: The ball section without destroying the ball.) 2: How many endings are there? 3: Are there any easter eggs? You do not need to tell me them, just hints on what they are and how to find them maybe. Please and thank you. Also, to Ayumi, cause I like writing these, Great work! Keep up the thrills and chills! Also, tip for everyone. Whenever playing a horror game, ALWAYS have your back against a wall. That makes it so the look behind you lines are less scary. : ) Also also, I did what Ayumi said and gave her a great big smile : )

Deleted 2 years ago

It was a really well made short game! Ayumi was really cute and creepy at the same time The little flashes of spookiness of Ayumi as well as the sinister tone of the game was really well done and fleshed out! It's a small game that leaves one thinking more about it even after finishing it, really well done!


bruh, why am i so easy to scare ;w;


Very cute! And very spooky! Pretty cool. I could tell where it was going, but I still got pretty spooked.

I filmed it if you're interested. @ 6:58


note to Ayumi: it was great playing with You, let's have another playdate some other time.

to Maker(s) of this game: very nice game very cute hope You enjoyed making the game as mush as I enjoyed making. (or enjoyed more)


I knew the final would be something like that but even so it scared me so much woah great job!


I saw people talking about an ending where we could escape, but I've tried a few times now and I just can't make it :( any tips or tricks


To get the "escape" ending. you need to click on the door as fast as possible. You will know you got it when you hear a wood crashing sound. I will probably hotfix this soon to make it both clearer to what you need to do and make it a bit easier

Thanks for playing! :)

Just played.  Not bad.  Any expansions planned

I plan on patching a few bugs soon, but maybe an easter egg/new ending could come from that as well. But I don't plan on anything big for the time being. I'd love to eventually make something more of this because I like the idea of this a lot.

Thanks for playing!


As soon as the ball dropped from my mouse, and the game made the "WHOOP" sound, I immediately clicked off of the game and said "Nope." The fricking sound of a ball dropping scared me... 

Goodness, I'm a wuss

Cool game for the 10 seconds I lasted lol


Lol that's hilarious! Maybe it's for the best though, because things definitely don't get better from there on!

Thanks for trying to play!


ayumi is VERY protective of her ball

Careful not to break it. That'd make her very angry with you.

Thanks for playing!

I am truly horrified. Congrats. o-o

glad you liked it! thanks for playing!

It's a fun game, but I wasn't able to see the top half of the text.. It'd be nice if there was an option for fullscreen mode so that it's properly fitted to the screen. (At least, that's the solution I've seen implemented in other games on itchio.)

I wasn't aware this was an issue, I have an option in the bottom right to full screen. Is that not there for you? Anyway I'll work on a hotfix for this!

No, I don't get any fullscreen option. Bottom right corner is where it is in most games, so that's the first place I checked! It's possible that the bottom isn't fitted properly either, preventing me from seeing it. I hope you're able to fix it though!

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hope it didn't freak you out too much haha! Thanks for playing!

loved it! Deceptively creepy! My playthrough starts at 12:04 :) 

Funny play through! That intro was 10/10

Thanks for playing!

Wow! This game surprisingly scared me! Her smile becomes so unsettling with the creepy words she says. I liked how there were different endings depending on what you did. Overall a fun experience and I would like to see more interesting games from you!

I had a lot of fun making this, so I'd definitely love to make more horror. I am a pretty novice developer and I'm just sticking my toes in the water, but horror is one of my favorite genres, so I'd love to make something with more story and gameplay (Maybe even more Ayumi).

Thanks for playing! 


Yep, this game spooked me a lot! It's a super solid game!


Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!


omg great game! at first i thought therre was only one ending but i kept retryinng and it was worth it! (i almost broke my laptop clicking XD) 10/10 one of the best short horror games i've played in a while! :3

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And Ayumi thanks you too ;)


i loved it!! very cute game. the ending is great lmao

Which ending? ;) Thanks for playing!


:O i didn't know there was multiple! i just got locked in by ayumi while she slowly approached me until i ?died?.

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Well there's an ending where you "escape" and one where you don't. If you didn't know, you need to click the door as fast as possible in order to escape. If you fail to escape, you get the "Good Ending" (Her terms not mine) 



it were very fun




Much game, very wow

100\10 would play again c:

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