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my picture isn't accurate at all tho

I made this picture myself!


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I had a blast playing this! Can't wait for more updates/endings if so! I def want more!! <3 I'm a Vtuber and this is my experience! I went through what I think is a 98% play through and I do have conspiracies in regarding Ayumi with Yuri from Doki Doki Lit Club but that is my own theory that does seem to have others thinking so too. 

Loved this.  The binary translation is brilliant ^^ Still searching for more secrets!

i legit got so scared

i gave it alowence for meh files she be sus tho

spoopy game I really like it シ︎ ♡︎ 👁️👄👁️


dangggg no new endings. i luv this game tho so ill keep updated! i played this game on a previous acc and rlly enjoyed it. i hope this game gets a new update bc i love it sm sm

I was in aymi's house when a drawing of her was in the tub i was so confused and i searched it up nothing happened

hello! ;>

.    。    •   ゚  。   .

.      .     。   。 .

.   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •

゚   Black was not An Impostor.  。 .

'    1 Impostor remains     。

゚   .   . ,    .  .




OMG! I loved this game but could someone tell me the correct sequence of hearts?


wonder how many secrets are actually in this game, was playing with the ball when this happened, must say I love this game!

ello just checkin in :D

i cant play cause "my browser doesnt support webgl" and i checked, my browser does infact support webgl. so idk whats going wrong


You must have to update your computer the

its been a month ive updated my chrome book as much as possible it doesnt work, i think its cause my chrome book ONLY supports files run by chrom os and litterally everyfile ive tried doesnt work with my chromebook ;-;


does anyone know who daddy is its kind of suss

its her dad, obviously

I can't figure out how to decode any of the diary entries except the one with zeros and ones... can someone help me?

I love this game soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much


I love this game! It is so adorable and it even has a mix of horror! Horror games are my favorite but it is quite difficult to find ones that are in my kind of style like this one!


This was a pretty fun game. I hope you guys add much more to this game!


Fun time :D

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Lmao pls update- Like add more secrets-

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Edit: Does no treally look like Jeff eyes

I didn't run and I just got the living daylights outa me. Her face looks like Jeff the Killer's eyes.




This comment contains spoilers! If you want to learn the game by yourself, don't read!

(Beginning Level): You started playing and ayumi popped up your screen... She Introduced herself and wanted you to play with her ball....she had an Idea of playing it by using the cup.... It was easy so she made it more difficult... You kept on trying and broke it.... she said a hurtful word but didn't read it properly and you felt suspicious.... she decided to play another game... Simon says! She told you to give her a big smile... then she said "I can see what your doing"...."So you cant fool me!" "Now simon says...Scootch yourself closer to me!" You scootched your self forward and gve you a jumscare! In the 'Scootch yourself backwards" She gave a question: "Ayumi.exe wants acsess to your locaton and files" You pressed 'Acsess'.... She was glitching full your screen. If you pressed 'Block' Her head chopped off... on both of them they say "Boo! Did i scare you? Hehe now for the next one..." "Don't look behind you. ... ." "Don't worry! I didn't say simon says!" "Lets play another game! This one is going to be a challenge! So get ready!" then it says "Try to escape" You tapped the door hundreds of times and get a crack sound of the door so you escaped and this is what she said: "You try and you try to Break the pieces of me you do not like, but you will keep failing until your all dead! And I will be giggling for eternity! (Escape, end)" If you left the escape door she will jumpscare you and say "Thanks for playing <3"

"good ending"


(Secrets): If you Use the ball under the cup through she will say "I don't like pl4ying your way..."

2: If you play the ball with the cup at least 2 times and leave the ball for 7 seconds, she will say (Hold on! Did you know? We were breaking the 4th wall by doing this, you might not understand... but anyway) "Do it" "F****ing kill it!" "You know you want to!" "kill it k i ll t h e n k i l..." and you will be in her house and its a game... Called 'Hide and seek' It says in her wall "How to play: Find me before i find you. If you see red eyes thats bad. Im very quiet to make sure you keep your ears open!   Love Ayumi <3" and if you lose you will get the good ending..If you win she will say "You found me!" "Here is your gift!" A knife and she is sleeping and youll have to chop her with the knife and then... it will say "Alternative ending"

3: Did you see those codes? that had 01011011? and random words? use Its not safe but use it for the random words and for the 01001011 is its also not safe too...

4: To escape, press the hearts in order. 44132. 4: Big heart. 3: middle heart. 2: small heart. 1: really small heart. I think it is and you will enter the "Debug room" yup! Thats right! and she will say these things "This room is for athourized if you are unathourized please leave this area immediately!" and you will have to make changes to ayumi and this is what she will say "I don't know who you are but thank you!" "Im coming daddy!" "TRUE ENDING! Thanks for playing!"

And thats all!

Moonlight <3


I have found a new playmate!! UwU His name is Houssem. We even recorded our hangout!

Please check it out! Or else...

iv seen lurenzside play the game so i thot id play to

Haven't played Ayumi in over a year. Here's the gameplay!

Welcome back! :)

i think i just found a super well hidden image thing? i have no clue how i did, but it scared me super bad, and i cant find anyone else whos found it and im gonna cry if im the first person to find it

did you give her access to your location and files and it zoomed in to her face or are you seeing the Jeff the Killer look alike face?

no its a picture on the wall in the hide and seek minigame!

ah okay I couldn't get there for some reason-

really? thats odd

yeah I tried a couple different paths but I couldn't find that part

all i can say

Hi Materwelons! would you like to code this?

I encoded in base 64 and I hope you enjoy the message



hope you enjoyed the code I honestly love the game


Just a question. When youre playing hide and seek. I turn on the Tv and go to the end (right) i keep going but there is a little box on the ground. what do we do with it? 

Its so funny how she swears om

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Here is  a  cheat if you don't cheat DO NOT LOOK:) helping hand below

ok so the things at the end of the rounds aka B 1 A2 mean ok so it's complicated but when at uni says try to escape THE HEARTS ABOUTH THE DOOR INTERACT for example B1 so B is the second letter of the alphabet so you tap the second heart first repeat with others :)) that is the true ending


This is  CREEPY 😒

lol it is   C-R-E-E-P-Y-

Lol I have no words-  Also I think the ball she has is a gumball-

its pops easily while a regular ball doesn't.

Cups can't break balls!

can anyone tell me how to get the alt ending?-

Does anyone know how to find the full diary, I have finished the game but I dont know where her full diary is and she talked about a secret room, where is tis room?

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