Clicking the mailbox brings out any tax scrolls mailed to you

Open up sealed documents by dragging the scraper over it

Drag the "Ye old taxes" book to the table to open it and find the value of the tax that has been requested, book can be dragged back when finished

Click the bottom of the tax form to increase the documents value; to match the value in the book (this may be finicky, just keep clicking if it doesn't register).

Documents cannot be sent back until the day is greater than the minimum due date

Once the due date has been reached, use the stamper tool with the checkmark to send the document

Depending on the due date, you may want to re-seal the document to give you time to manage more important documents. this can be done by using the stamper with a non-checkmark head piece. You can alter the head piece by opening the drawer in the bottom right and dragging any piece there onto a stamper (currently, the checkmark stamp head is bugged, so keep your original checkmark stamper unaltered)

after sealing a document for later, you can use the calendar in the top left drawer to keep track of it's due date. this is done by using the stamper tool on the desired due date to leave yourself a reminder. This calendar will auto update every time a day passes.

if your table is cluttered with sealed documents, you can use the top right drawer to store them for later, and keep your work space clean.


In this game,  you play as the boring role of a tax adviser as the hero ventures off on a glorious quest! 

Game is currently very buggy due to me making the scope of the game wayyyy to huge to finish in 48 hours. So this is more a of prototype jam than it was a game jam (:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
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