Update 1

Hello all!

Hope you all enjoyed this little April fools game I made :). It was a fun change to make a game like this, and I will most likely make a more in-depth game like this at some point. But for now I want to release what is most likely the final update for this game, and move back to my main project :)

Patch Notes

  • Cleaner level transitions
  • New music!
  • Bubble blowers spawn bubbles less often
  • Bubbles now only target players they can see, they also move slightly slower
  • Ducks and Bears jump less often with slightly more force
  • Flowers move slower, have less health, and shoot bees now
  • Ghosts speed up when far away from the player, and have more health
  • Bullets pierce enemy projectiles
  • A few attachment adjustments

And that's about it! Uhhh, actually, this update also comes a few "glitches"  that we can't seem to resolve. We believe this has something to do with data being corrupted when it's sent from our servers. We have some new beta testers on the team, so hopefully this will be resolved soon!

Thanks for playing!


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Apr 14, 2022
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Apr 14, 2022

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