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Hello all!

After a long year of non-stop working, I'm glad to finally announce the release of the newest Ayumi game in the franchise, "Ayumi Reloaded"! When I was creating this game, I really wanted to make sure I was making something that not only original Ayumi fans can enjoy, but I also wanted to cast a bigger net and broaden the demographic so I can rake in more money. To do this, I studied what all the biggest horror game franchises do to keep player counts high, and that is to turn the game into an action game! You see, only a small number of people like horror games, but action games? Everyone loves them! Now to not stray away from Ayumi's original intentions, I kept some of the horror themes in, but there is definitely no horror in this game! So both new and old players can enjoy this new breathe of fresh air in the series! I know some die hard fans out there may be a little upset at this change, but don't worry! After I make like 5 more games like this, I'll realize what made the original great and do that again.  Ready to play? Click to play the game now free! Thank you for supporting the Ayumi franchise!


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Apr 01, 2022
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Apr 01, 2022

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