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I loved this game, the tips were quite cute and I actually love games like this as I can progress by doing other stuff - which I do anyway.

Good job on this game, I hope you continue to make funny and entertaining games. my favourite part of the game is sitting and waiting for number to go up.

Add me there too lmao 


Pretty cute and fun concept, thanks for publishing the prototype back then!

If you're still working on this, are you still considering Godot as mentioned in the tips? Unity tries way too hard to focus on the GPU and CPU, causing overheating issues on systems that don't have massive cooling.

B64 strings would also be a nice thing for ancient devices or browsers. Either way, thanks for the fun and the anime references :3

umi is soo familiar to me,is she the girl from fun times with ayumi..

btw i matched the background 8 to umi

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You When You HAve 1B And All The Girls: 


You Scrolling Through The Comments About Complaints About Saving  & Replied To One Of Them: 

Oh Please! I Don't Believe The Game Wouldn't Save! I Mean This Is A Game People Worked So Hard On Ofc The Developer Made The Game Save, Right? 

Your Dumbass Refreshing The Page For Evidence That It Doesn't Save: (You Also Forgot In The Start It Tells You It Doesn't Save)

 You Find Out It Doesn't Save: 

NO! MY HARD WORK! WHERE IS IT? NO NO NO NO! MOM, MANAGER, NOW! SPEED DIAL! You cry and scream in your pillow for years :')


you have quite the loud mind huh 

is there a download link for the game

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nice "fun times with ayumi" easter egg

Cute game, played it after fun times with ayumi thought something happened after unlocking her but still fun game B-)

me waits efficiently

the moment you relize that the 6th girl is 1.16 milloin smug

fi uoy nac dear siht uoy era a suineg



haha autoclick go brrrrrrrrrrr

good game

Tips: "Clicking is only useful for about the first 3 girls"

intellectuals: *click 8000 times a second*

Thanks for playing!


same im just sad that i couldn't save my game.


Yeah I'm sorry about that. I really wanted to take a break this project but I didn't want it just sitting on my hard-drive, so I polished it up just enough to make a prototype. I really do like this project though so hopefully in the near future I'll give it some more love :)

Please do--At least some kind of save functionality. This is not the kind of game that you play on your coffee break; It's the kind you play a little at a time, and want or need to shut down between play sessions.